Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 20th Hatch-day!! =P

Sorry guys for the late updates due to the fact that I was busy preparing for my exams which ended last Friday..
Classes on gastrointestinal system will be starting by tomorrow.. oh well there goes another system again.. Time flies~!!

Alright alright... Back to the topic now.. updates updates!! hehe..
Firstly wanna thanks those that remembered when my birthday was and wished me on my birthday...
Next, I would like to thank my beloved friends, my dearest one and my family of course for celebrating my birthday.. =)

One week before my birthday...

All of us which includes ah fei, jit kin, yi cheng, carmen, robson, serenne, soo ying and my dearest of course went to zhan huai's house for the weekends.. We were planning to make kuih batik and cheese cake to spend our time there.. haha.. I even suggested to make chocolate chip cheese cake but sadly no one agrees with me..=(
So all of us came out with the idea to make double cheese cake..
Besides that, we were also having fun watching movie together, playing computer games and we even sing along together with serenne being the guitarist and all of us being the singers. lol.. Sounds cool right? =) hehe..

Aiks.. There were some errors occurring while trying to upload the video of us preparing the ingredients.. Sorry guys!! =.=

The next day, it turned out to be a surprise that they actually made the cake as my birthday cake for my birthday...

nice right? haha..

home-made cheese cake! =)

My birthday cake
yummy!! =P

So touched!! But I managed to keep my tears from falling! :)

Wished that everyone is happy and healthy!!
And my other wish is a secret!! =P

The birthday boy!! ^^

Me and my darling =)

fei, me and jit kin :)

From left to right: yi cheng, robson, ah fei, jit kin and zhan huai

From left to right: zi hui, serenne, soo ying, carmen and darling =)

shhh...dear dear is trying to give me a surprise!!

Aww!! Here she goes!! muacks.. xP
p.s: haha.. I was expecting that!! =P

zi hui and zhan huai!! Thank you especially to zhan huai!! =)

yi cheng and carmen! =)



Cutting cake!! =P


a formal group pic!!

candid pic!! xD

Thank you guys for the unexpected birthday surprise.. Initially I thought you guys will not be around on my birthday and didn't expect that u guys actually planned an early birthday surprise celebration.. Thanks alot!! Appreciate it very much!! =)


On my birthday,

hohoho.. My special day today!!
Happy birthday to myself!! teehee~!! ^^

The first pic I took on my birthday!!
Like this pic of me!! =)

Went to Neway at One Utama with darling!! We enjoyed ourselves singing there and it was my first time there too.. =)

Neway entrance

Pretty dear!! phewitt!! =P

At Neway, 

woohoo!! E-n-C-o-R-E!! lol

Birthday present and a lovely card from dearest!! =)

We also had our lunch there as well...

 Chicken and egg sandwich with french fries!
Darling ordered this!

And I ordered this!
Japanese dumpling rice!

A plate full with colourful salads! yummy!

After that, we also went to watch a movie called "Love Cut".. The movie was too touching till darling even cried.. lol.. Perhaps she was too emotional as she indulged herself into that movie I guess.. But the plot of the story was really touching... =)

We had japanese buffet for our dinner at Shogun restaurant with my family.. Overall the food was okay and satisfying but I still prefer eating at Jogoya in kl!! =P hehe..

Shogun at 1U


My favourite!! hehe..

Snaillss!! First time eating it!! haha

Trying to examine how to eat the snail!! hahaha..

Cute cakes!! 


With dad and sister

with my beloved mom..

Family picture..

With my beloved.. 

Love this picture!! =)


 Birthday present from dear!!

It's a basketball jersey!! =D

Nike shoes from mommy as my birthday present!! =)

Had a wonderful day on my birthday!! Enjoyed myself and it was the happiest moment of my life! =) Thank you darling!! And of course thank you to both my parents!! ♥ Love u all  !! hehe 


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  2. Wow!! such a loooong update full of pictures! nice nice! love it darling! i must praise u for being so patient when you're uploading the pictures am i right dear? hehe. you're 20 already. I'm still 19. =P oh and you're saying you feel sad because you're no more 19? Does that mean that i must really treasure my remaining days before 20 takes place? haha.
    Don't worry. 20 is still young.
    If u start thinking that you are old old old, you'll really grow older even faster i tell you. :P
    that's what i reckon. lol.
    Trust me, treasure your life as it is, we should be grateful as we're still 20 and there're plenty of time for us to continue learning right? before COMPLETE maturity takes place. again. hehe.

    btw, deleted the previous comment cause it was not complete yet.